Fair Use Policy

The Availability of Service

Although the company dedicates itself to ensure that services promised on the site are available at all times, the company will not accept any liability, for any reason, in case the site becomes unavailable for any period. The company may suspend anyone from accessing the website at any time without issuing any notice. The company is not liable for any damages that may arise in tort or contract, arising from not being able to access the website. The products and materials contained in this website only comprise our views and should not substitute or professional legal advice. Therefore, you are advised to consult your professional advisor and ensure that you get relevant legal advice or any other professional advice.

Links to disclaimer

This website may propose links to other websites with the goal of giving website visitors the ability to access specialized information by going directly to the proposed link. The company is not responsible for the accuracy and transmission of content from the linked site. The purpose of the links is to bring website traffic to our website.

Usage of Received Electronic Documents

You are not allowed to put your names, and on documents or products, you receive from the website. Any product or material sent to you through the website is for references only. We do not encourage, condone, or knowingly take part in the form of plagiarism or violate any local or international copyright law. You understand and agree that any written material or product that is provided to should only be used as a model, or as an example of how your research paper. Any ideas or text that you borrow from the product or materials received from this website or used in any other way personally when composing your original paper must be properly referenced and cited by referring to this website as the source.

Our company or any other company affiliated with us are not liable for any unethical, illegal, or inappropriate use of services sent to you through this website. This includes, but is not limited to lawsuits, plagiarism, expulsion, poor grading, loss of scholarships/prizes/grants/positions/titles, suspensions, failure, or any other form of disciplinary action that may arise as a result of unethical, illegal, or improper usage of the product or material(s). The company will not accept, at any time, any liability arising from technical problems or delays when delivering products. The company does not accept any liability as a result of malfunctioning of the customer’s mail server or Internet service. Our company does not guarantee that using our products and services will result in a particular grade. As a result, you understand that you cannot ask for a refund in case you received a grade that you did not expect.


We only accept a plagiarism level of 10% or below. If you receive a product that has a plagiarism level of more than 10%, you are entitled to demand a revision or a refund. For more information regarding how we handle these issues, please visit the money back guarantee and their revision policy sections. Please also note that in-text referencing and bibliography pages that appear at the end of the document as well as clichéd phrases (standard phrases, idioms, connectors, as well as other phrases that are frequently used) cannot be counted as a part of plagiarism and cannot be included when calculating the level of plagiarism.


Any price quoted in the website at any section does not include VAT. VAT is applicable for customers from the European Union and is automatically added when processing the cost of the transaction. Please note that VAT and discounts are nonrefundable.


In case you place an editing/proofreading order, you cannot expect the writer to change more than 30% of the content of the paper. Proofreading is an important step in helping us to check the work and eliminate grammatical, spelling, punctuation, as well as stylistic errors, or any other content that has been detected as plagiarized. We cannot also demand or expect the writer to rewrite articles that exist online.