Money Back Guarantee

 HomeworkHelp.Pro continuously focuses on its product standards while rewarding our users with the best service that they deserve as they use our professional essay writing service. Our resolve is that every user has to be eligible for a partial or full refund for their purchase if a product failed to meet their expectations for one of the reasons described below.

By using this website, users agree to the terms indicated on this web page as well as the content laid out in our , support@HomeworkHelp.ProPrivacy policy, and Revisions Policy. Please make sure to peruse through the content of these pages as they contain important information about this service.

You are eligible for a partial or a full refund in any of the following situation:

  • Transactional errors (identical order, double payment, etc.);
  • The company cannot get a writer to handle your order;
  • The order is not submitted before the deadline. In this case, it can be canceled, and the customer gives up all rights to use any material provided during the order progress. The writer ends all work related to the job (except for revisions requested per the Revisions Policy);
  • The final result doesn’t match the initial instructions; such cases are subject to the Quality Assurance Department (QAD) inspection;
  • The level of plagiarism is over 10% following the final plagiarism detection report.

Although we always strive to maintain the highest industry standard and provide customers with an exceptional product, we want to make sure our customers’ interests are protected when such needs and expectations are unmet. Please note that the QAD examines all refund requests before any partial or full refund is released. All job requests are unique and complex; therefore, every request has to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For papers that are 30 pages long, refund requests are accepted within 14 business days of delivery, whereas longer papers are accepted within 30 business days. Since all jobs are completed based on unique requirements, the QA Department takes up to 48 hours to evaluate the work and make the final decision on the refund amount. The refund amount depends on the percentage of incorrect content in the final product. Be sure to supply a detailed explanation for your refund request accompanied by strong evidence, as this may be the factor that influences the final decision.

Upon receiving the refund, customers ARE PROHIBITED from using any materials provided to them by their writers. Since you give up your rights on the product once the refund is processed, the company may publish these materials for advertising, promotional, or other purposes, and any submission to your school will show the paper as plagiarized.

Please contact our Customer Service representatives to submit your claim. For users who paid in the VAT, not that VAT is non-refundable and that they will only receive the amount of money paid for the order per our Pricing Policy.