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Meet the experts working tirelessly around the clock to ensure that you get the best out of our services. We pride ourselves in connecting you with qualified writing specialists across the globe via our website. These writing experts are our greatest assets because they ensure you keep coming back for more expert writing help. You could be wondering, 'how do we hire them?' Well, you will learn about the process now.

How We Hire Our  Homework Helpers

step 1

Grammar & Writing Tests

We select candidates with a solid knowledge of academic subjects, advanced English language skills, and previous experience in writing papers for schools and academia.

step 2

Online interview

  1. Our applicants take subject-specific knowledge and English proficiency tests, write sample papers, and present their communication skills in the interview. We interview each writer who successfully passed both tests to verify their ability as described in their resumes. Our evaluation metrics also cover sociability, flexibility, and pressure handling.

step 3

Coaching and mentorship

After the writers to our Team, they work under the supervision of our managers and apply their skills like meeting deadlines, following instructions, communicating with you, handling urgent tasks or heavy workload, effectively managing a heavy workload, and meeting any of your demands that may arise.

Why hire our experts

Our writers are tested and proven and we constantly update them on any new changes in formatting of papers and other changes in the academic front.

Competent specialists

These writers do the bulk of the work to ensure that you get what you expect and even beyond your expectations. 

Best support

They act as a link between you and the writer, solving any arising issues and urgent concerns that might arise.


They check, refine, and fine-tune your essay to ensure that it meets your standard. They also train our new writing specialists

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